The 3 best books by Camilla Läckberg

Camilla Lackberg Books

The Nordic crime novel has in Camilla Läckberg one of its strongest pillars. Thanks to Camilla and a handful of other authors, this detective genre has carved a well-deserved niche on the world scene. It will be for the good work of Camilla and others like him ...

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JD Barker's top 3 books

Books by J.D. Barker

If you mix in a composition with dark influences aspects of psychological thriller, mystery, criminal genre, classic horror, all seasoned on occasions with a few drops of fantastic, you find JD Barker as a good synthesis. Considering in addition a capacity very his to confer to his characters of…

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better title than this? Something light, light, sibilantly pretentious. Before dying, yes, better the fewer hours beforehand to listen to it. That's when you will take your list of essential books and cross out Belén Esteban's best-seller, the one that closes the reading circle of your life... (it was a joke, a macabre one...

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The bitch, by Alberto Val

The Bitch, by Alberto Val

Sometimes the abysses of the soul, where the light does not reach, find a time and a way to enjoy themselves in their own way. A placid island like Tenerife becomes that point where all the evil is concentrated in the form of vices, perdition and unspeakable afflictions with a certain aspect of temptation...

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Holly, from Stephen King

Holly, from Stephen King, September 2023

We will have to wait until the end of the summer to give a good review of the new Stephen King. One of those stories that take up the old paths of the first King between paranormal and sinister events, or both things perfectly combined in an imaginary where everything has a place towards the most plausible...

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At the End of the World, by Antti Tuomainen

At one end of the world

The alienating has a root of the strange, of the alien to this planet. But the term ends up pointing more to the loss of reason. In this novel by Antti Tuomainen both extremes are summarized. Because from the cosmos comes a remote mineral vestige that everyone craves for different…

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You Should Have Gone By Daniel Kehlmann

You should have gone, Daniel Kehlmann

The suspense, that thriller with a diversity of arguments, constantly adjusts to new patterns. Lately, the domestic thriller seems to be championing that of presenting disturbing stories, never better than from the epicenter of the familiar to offer doubts about those closest to us. But certain patterns are always maintained. Because …

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The Man in the Labyrinth, by Donato Carrisi

The man of the labyrinth, Carrisi

From the deepest shadows sometimes return victims who have been able to escape the most unfortunate fate. It is not just a matter of this fiction by Donato Carrisi because precisely in it we find reflections of that part of black history that extends to almost anywhere. It could be that…

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Forgotten Bones, by Douglas Preston and Lee Child

Forgotten Bones, Preston and Child

The Wild West and the Gold Rush. As the fledgling United States expanded westward, fortune seekers also formed their own expeditions in the mid-XNUMXth century. Lights and shadows for adventurers of all kinds to conquer a wild territory. Wild especially in the …

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The importance of your name, by Clara Peñalver

The importance of your name, Clara Peñalver

Clara Peñalver's suspense novels are not yet limited to endless sagas. The thing seems to go more towards creative flashes that lead to a single story. And the thing has its advantages because one creates the monsters and their antagonists and then forgets them to be the...

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Immaculate White, by Noelia Lorenzo Pino

Immaculate white, Noelia Lorenzo

The stories focused on small communities on the edge of the world already awaken that feeling of concern about the unknown. From hippies to sects, communities outside the madding crowd have a strange magnetism. Mainly if one looks at the alienation between imposed mediocrities, …

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Everything burns, by Juan Gómez-Jurado

novel Everything burns Gómez Jurado

Bringing us closer to spontaneous combustion with a heat made heat wave before time, this "Everything burns" by Juan Gómez-Jurado comes to suffocate our brains even more with one of its multi-sided plots. Because what this author does is to confer shared protagonism to his plots. Nothing better for this...

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