The 3 best books by John Grisham, legal thriller

John Grisham Books

Presumably, when John Grisham began practicing law, the last thing he thought of was translating into fiction so many cases in which he would have to struggle to make a name for himself among the robes of the United States. However, today the legal profession ...

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The Google Maps Killer, my new novel

The Google Maps killer

It had been 8 years since I published my previous book. One recent night I started writing again. I had one of those powerful ideas that was asking for passage, more intensely than ever. Since then I have been discovering that the nights still have muses. While everyone was sleeping, this writer felt...

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The 3 best books by Andrea Camilleri

writer Andrea Camilleri

The Italian teacher Andrea Camilleri was one of those authors who filled thousands of pages thanks to the support of his readers around the world. It began to emerge in the 90s, a fact that demonstrates perseverance and vocational writing as the foundation for its vital longevity extended to ...

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The 3 best books of the marvelous Lorenzo Silva

Books of Lorenzo Silva

One of the most popular writers lately on the Spanish literary scene is Lorenzo Silva. In recent years, this author has been publishing books of a very different nature, from historical novels such as They will remember your name to documentaries such as Blood sweat and peace. Not forgetting its regular ...

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The best black novels by countries

best noir novels

The noir genre has gone from being considered a subgenre of the more traditional detective novel to evolving as a wayward student hell-bent on mixing everything up to stand out more. The resulting bastard genre currently ends up combining suspense, black, police, mystery or even gore (at least in ...

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better title than this? Something light, light, sibilantly pretentious. Before dying, yes, better the fewer hours beforehand to listen to it. That's when you will take your list of essential books and cross out Belén Esteban's best-seller, the one that closes the reading circle of your life... (it was a joke, a macabre one...

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The bitch, by Alberto Val

The Bitch, by Alberto Val

Sometimes the abysses of the soul, where the light does not reach, find a time and a way to enjoy themselves in their own way. A placid island like Tenerife becomes that point where all the evil is concentrated in the form of vices, perdition and unspeakable afflictions with a certain aspect of temptation...

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Mindfulness for Killers by Karsten Dusse

novel mindfulness for killers

Nothing like relativizing things... take a deep breath and create comfortable islands of time where you can soothe your conscience. No one can be as determined to disrupt your world as yourself. That is what a Björn Diemel is learning along the way, managed until the beginning of the novel by that…

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At the End of the World, by Antti Tuomainen

At one end of the world

The alienating has a root of the strange, of the alien to this planet. But the term ends up pointing more to the loss of reason. In this novel by Antti Tuomainen both extremes are summarized. Because from the cosmos comes a remote mineral vestige that everyone craves for different…

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The Bramard case, by Davide Longo

The Bramard case, Davide Longo. First part of the crimes of Piedmont.

The black genre suffers a continuous approach by new authors capable of assaulting reader consciences in search of new booty. Partly because, in today's crime narrative, when you get the hang of the author on duty, you go looking for new references. Davide Longo currently offers (he has already done some…

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German Fantasy, by Philippe Claudel

German Fantasy, Philippe Claudel

The war intrastories make up the most noir scenario possible, the one that awakens aromas of survival, cruelty, alienation and a remote hope. Claudel composes this mosaic of stories with a diversity of focuses depending on the proximity or distance with which each narration is sighted. The short narrative has that great…

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David Lagercrantz's Top 3 Books

David Lagercrantz Books

The strange case of the writer given over to the cause of the immortality of someone else's work. Something like this could be pointed out for a David Lagercrantz whose main task is to continue the Millennium saga with the same levels of splendor. A series of criminal novels whose characters are already part of the ...

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