Free. The challenge of growing up at the end of history

The challenge of growing up at the end of history book

Each one suspects his apocalypse or his final judgment. The most pretentious, like Malthus, predicted some near end from the sociological point of view. The end of history, in this Albanian writer named Lea Ypi, is more of a much more personal perspective. Because the end will come when it comes. The thing is …

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Prometheus, by Luis García Montero

Prometheus, Luis Garcia Montero

Jesus Christ overcame the most irresistible temptations of the devil to save humanity. Prometheus did the same, also assuming the punishment that would come later. The abnegation made myth and legend. The hope that we can truly find at some point with that form of heroism learned so many times and that...

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On Time and Water, by Andri Snaer Magnason

About time and water

That it is imperative to face another way of inhabiting this planet, there is no doubt. Our passage through the world is marked by landmarks as emblematic as they are insubstantial if we observe the equivalence of our time with the cosmos. So inconsequential and so capable of changing everything. The Earth will survive us and we will be ...

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How to write an essay

How to write an essay

The hackneyed phrase "I have to write a book" points to a vision of what has been lived as a unique experience. Something about which the mere testimony put black on white would make the very gods of Olympus tremble. Then there is that other phrase of «Any day I start to write ...

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Niadela, by Beatriz Montañez

Nobody, Beatriz Montañez

Beatriz Montañez listened to that inner voice that sometimes goes from whispering to shouting amid the noise that comes from outside. And notice that here one prejudged that presenter of «El Intermedio» considering that her new professional bet would not have turned out very well when she had disappeared ...

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Excite you, by Carlos del Amor

Book Excite you

They come and destroy everything at book fairs. I am referring to the media characters that are animated with different luck in this literature. From Carme Chaparro even Monica Carrillo or Carlos del Amor himself (I refrain from citing other unspeakable cases of the famous, splashing which ...

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The Origin of Others, by Toni Morrison


Arriving at the rehearsal space, Toni Morrison delves into a simple idea, that of the others. A conception that ends up conditioning fundamental aspects such as coexistence in a globalized world or interaction at all levels between different cultures. It is what there is currently, communication between races, education, ...

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Surfing and Meditation, by Sam Bleakley


Editorial Siruela recently presented us with the book Swimming in Open Water, an interesting introduction to the sea as a space between the physical and the spiritual for any human who dives into the waters of the open sea. And this time the same publisher invites us to a ...

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Tyranny without Tyrants, by David Trueba


After his previous novel Tierra de Campos, David Trueba takes a break when it comes to fiction to present us with a book with sociological essay aspirations and inspirations. It is about thinking a little about the transcendental, about the nuances of the fit between the anthropological and the ...

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Spaces of freedom, by Juan Pablo Fusi Aizpurúa


There was a time when art and culture moved according to the dictates of authority. Quite an outrage at the height of many others committed by the Franco regime. The control of all popular expression was part of that domain over the consciousness of the ...

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The aesthetic reason, by Chantal Maillard


The idiosyncrasies of each town, marked by imageries full of symbols and by the references of the predecessors who occupied the same space, gradually opened up towards a hodgepodge, if not uniformity, with the rest of the towns in areas of increasingly wider influence. . Today …

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