Mark Wahlberg's 3 best movies

Mark Whalberg movies

Mark may have been right in his complaint about Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio hogging the best scripts. And a restless guy like him can't wait for interpretations to come his way. So lately we see him more as a producer or in charge of…

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Anne Hathaway's 3 Best Movies

Anne Hathaway movies

Hathaway's crystalline gaze and angelic face may limit her when it comes to taking on roles that require greater doses of depth towards more hidden areas of the human being. Although we could think something similar about Natalie Portman and there you have her embroidering interpretations of what...

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Liam Neeson's 3 best movies

Liam Neeson movies

Separated at birth, Liam Neeson and Sean Penn share a similar physiognomy with which to move from character to character with that hint of charisma imported from the actor and wisely transferred to the protagonist on duty. Perhaps in the case of Neeson the most game thing to interpret all kinds of ...

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Top 3 Anthony Hopkins Movies

Anthony Hopkins Films

With the permission of Ken Follett and Tom Jones, we find ourselves with the most illustrious Welshman of today in any of the artistic or creative facets that can be considered. Anthony Hopkins has appeared in more than 100 movies, as well as hundreds of other television shows since 1967. He has…

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Top 3 Christopher Nolan movies

Christopher Nolan movies

Few directors today are capable of offering such an authentic filmography as Christopher Nolan. Because beyond natural fondness for special effects (with its appeal even focused on the essence of the movie of the day), Nolan always understands the argument of weight and ground as fundamentals sine qua ...

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Top 3 Emma Stone Movies

Emma Stone movies

The Stone's discreet yet magnetic charm serves her perfectly so that her interpretive virtues end up reaching cosmic dimensions. The character must always superimpose the performer, something like the doll capable of making us completely forget the ventriloquist. Emma Stone is never Emma Stone, from the first second...

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Top 3 Emily Blunt Movies

Emily Blunt movies

Starting from the anecdotal, I find the similarities that are discovered in the television interventions between Emily Blunt and Jennifer Lawrence curious. Both share a self-confidence that breaks with old canons, as it should be, of actresses as more serious, always hieratic divas with little waist to develop beyond...

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The 3 Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies

samuel l jackson movies

How not to put a face on him immediately. Hundreds of movies in which the face of the already veteran Jackson appears to give solidity to any plot. Almost always as secondary or at least as complementary to another central interpretation. Not to be confused with Laurence Fishburne (Matrix) despite his similar physiognomy. …

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The best science fiction series

best science fiction series

Streaming platforms are a blessing for fans of any film genre. Because whether they are movies or series (the difference is narrowing more and more in the quality of their plots and budgets), having any imaginable production at the fingertips (except hype premieres that still...

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The 3 best Margot Robbie movies

Margot Robbie movies

Among the new faces that are taking over from the actresses most sought after by producers and directors around the world, appears a Margot Robbie who has been making her way with that good work against all odds and prejudices about her graceful physique as a possible value. preponderant in…

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Top 3 Johnny Depp movies

johnny depp movies

The interpretative figure of Johnny Depp is closely linked to a Tim Burton who has known how to transfer image and gift to his fantastic settings towards the gothic. Of course, beyond this pairing we find other movies thanks to which "Juanito Profundo" has managed to carve out a career towards the...

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James Franco's 3 best movies

James Franco movies

The stereotype of an actor with a friendly face, of eternal youth, perfect for camouflaging behind any role. I bring him to this space after finding him as the protagonist of a series on the novel 22.11.63 by Stephen King which I will be ready to see shortly (I don't know how I missed it before). …

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