Valley of Shadows, on Netflix. More shadows than lights

Valley of Shadows, Netflix

Miguel Herran has been boring me lately with his raised eyebrows. A gesture that is equally useful to be surprised, to fall in love or to despair, depending on the plot. And then the credibility most closely linked to the character decomposes at a forced pace. It already started...

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A real man, Tom Wolfe's gift to Netflix

Quite a man, Netflix

If Tom Wolfe raised his head... (he would hit the stone, the joke ended). I don't know how it would feel for him to find his book made into a series on Netflix. Because Wolfe was a unique guy. Impeccable in his White look, like an angel fallen to hell without barely touching the terroir that…

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My stuffed reindeer. Misery current version, on Netflix

Netflix series My stuffed reindeer

How the woman who took care of the injured writer in her house was doing. I am referring to the nurse from Misery, the novel by Stephen King. The more than possible tortuous relationship between the idol and the admirer, when they end up getting to know each other in greater depth. The strange moment when…

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Wall to wall. From Netflix for Aitana, the new Marisol

movie Wall with Wall, by Aitana

A Netflix movie about Valentina (Aitana) being very cool. And her neighbor, an agoraphobic slob with the pretense of an inventor, stalks her in search of luck, after a disconcerting encounter that places them at the antipodes of eroticism. Because like Alaska, Aitana can also fall in love with…

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Our world full of life, despite everything, by Netflix.

netflix series Our world full of life

That movie... 12 Monkeys... with Bruce Willis visiting what was left of the world after the catastrophe. The strange integration of wildness and civilization as coexisting worlds in parallel universes. In 12 monkeys the animals appeared roaming freely through the desolate cities, converted into paradise for...

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Nobody, shit like bread on Netflix

Nobody movie Netflix

An hour and a half of film that starts like that mythical day of fury of Michael Douglas or perhaps even evoking Brad Pitt and Edward Norton's Fight Club. The issue is that gradual anger, in a fine crescendo that captivates us with the latent claim that…

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The 3 best films by the inexhaustible Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck movies

At times I find it cloying. And yet Ben Aflleck is a career that makes him a reference actor for films that rarely can aspire to the Oscar but that achieve good box offices. One of the clearest exponents of the most commercial cinema. Someone to turn to…

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Top 3 Movies

Jake Gyllenhaal movies

It's been a long time since that amazing film (even more surprising for narrow and reactionary minds) from Brokeback Mountain. We'll talk about her later. The point is that beyond having grown up in the world of cinema, thanks to his director father and screenwriter mother, roles like Brokeback...

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The 3 best films by Quim Gutiérrez

actor Quim Gutiérrez

Little by little, friend Quim is transformed into the Iberian Adam Sandler. Which is both good and bad, depending on how you see it. Because that ensures many roles, work in comic films or series. The bad part is the difficult unlabeling of the comic actor…

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The 3 best films by Eduardo Noriega

Eduardo Noriega movies

Spanish cinema has a perfect wardrobe in Eduardo Noriega. Eduardo is a guy who can do everything and for everything. A chameleon capable of dazzling and ultimately leading us to the dark side of whatever plot is presented to us. Because some of his best…

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The 3 best films by Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal movies

Unless one day it becomes known that Paul Mescal is related to some renowned director, producer or whatever (I was already disappointed with Nicolas Cage thinking that he was there for nothing more than his performances), we find ourselves before the prototypical actor of school that ends up playing…

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Justin Timberlake's 3 best movies

Justin Timberlake movies

It's worth it that the thing about actors arriving after fame gained in other settings always arouses suspicion. “Justino LagodeMadera” was not going to be different. But after a few movies one can judge more judiciously. Because after that first performance in which critics and fans...

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