The 3 best books of the surprising Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans Books

If there is an author of youth literature that has emerged strongly in recent years in Spain, it is Blue Jeans. Francisco de Paula Fernández successfully exploits a fresh and suggestive pseudonym for his adolescent audience. Approaching readers between the ages of 12 and 17 can be done ...

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Jay Asher's Top 3 Books


Perhaps the “Young adult” label is an excuse to escape any reservations about literature more focused on adults than on young people. The truth is that the authors of this genre have proliferated in recent years with great success, combining love stories with an intermediate point between…

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Top 3 James Dashner Books

James Dashner books

Youth literature has an almost polarized fondness between romantic genres (adolescent version) and fantasy or science fiction. You know, publishing industry mandates that it thinks it knows where to strike a sure hit among early readers. Although also, to be fair, we can find another type of ...

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Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Midnight Sun

And when it seemed that Stephenie Meyer had been redirected to other literary struggles, in the key of a crime novel, and with the liberation that it supposed with respect to the twilight saga, to the adolescent vampires and their sensual bites with the aroma of garlic and eternity, in the end it was not it could be. Because Meyer ...

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Knife in Hand, by Patrick Ness


The story of Todd Hewitt, told in this novel, is the paradigm of the human being in relation to his environment. Only the current environment of our society is treated as a futuristic allegory in this story. The taking of perspective that science fiction gives us as an excuse to ...

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Riquete the one with the pompadour, of Amélie Nothomb


One of the most amazing current feathers is Amélie Nothomb. His previous novel published in Spain, Count Neville's crime, took us into a singular detective novel with a set design that, when discovered by Tim Burton, will end up turning into a film, along with much of his previous production. But in …

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You're not my type, from Chloe Santana


There is a time when love can be trivial entertainment. You may even believe that you have it under control, but the moment of falling in love with no return always ends up. Except… when things end up not going quite right, you are stunned by frustration. Take it with humor. Have you ...

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Free by Patrick Ness


Facing certain social issues from a youth narrative is imperative in the face of that awareness and naturalization of the different about the mediocrity of the people. And I say "imperative" because it is in youthful ages where the patterns of what we will be in adulthood are set. Youth is exposed ...

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Eight, by Rebeca Stones


In order to write the perfect novel, we would have to find the magical balance that the round work could create. It would then be appropriate to compensate the insolence, vehemence and emotionality of the youth of the writer or writer, with the grounds, the profession and the intellectuality of the adult writer. AND …

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A Thousand Times Forever, by John Green


The current youth novel offers a multitude of readings oriented towards different genres. There is life beyond love stories (which do not have to be wrong, everything is said), but writers who seek their niche among young audiences always share one idea: intensity. Intense adventures, romantic loves ...

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Sisters. Infinite Ties, by Anna Todd


The variable temperaments of siblings is something that never ceases to amaze those of us who are parents. But beyond an external psychological analysis, this book Sisters Lazos Infinitos talks about the connection between siblings, in this case between the four protagonists of the story: ...

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Nick and The Glimmung, by Philip K. Dick


Philip K. Dick is one of the iconic authors of the most glorious Science Fiction, recovered for the cause of Science Fiction as a highly recommended genre for all ages and conditions. Because science fiction entertains and illustrates, cultivates critical thinking and the approach of the abstract. Saying …

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