The 3 best books of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe's books

With certain writers you never know where reality ends and legend begins. Edgar Allan Poe is the cursed writer par excellence. Cursed not in the current snobbish sense of the term, but rather in a deeper meaning of his soul ruled by hells through alcohol and…

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Terror! The 3 best books by CJ Tudor

CJ Tudor books

The horror genre is usually a watering hole for writers of all kinds of satellite genres who from time to time immerse themselves in this narrative of hells and darkness materialized between us. So cases like those of the British CJ Tudor or the American JD Barker (abbreviations like ...

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Headshot! The 5 best zombie books

It was the 90s and on Sunday mornings the after-party zombies strangely coexisted with the early risers at first mass. And nothing happened, everyone continued on their way as if they couldn't see each other (perhaps because religious people don't have brains with...

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better title than this? Something light, light, sibilantly pretentious. Before dying, yes, better the fewer hours beforehand to listen to it. That's when you will take your list of essential books and cross out Belén Esteban's best-seller, the one that closes the reading circle of your life... (it was a joke, a macabre one...

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best horror novels

The best horror books

Terror as a literary space is marked with that infumable subgenre band, halfway between the fantastic, science fiction and crime novels. And it will not be that the matter is irrelevant. Because in many aspects the History of the human being is the history of their fears. ...

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Discover the 3 best books by Anne Rice

Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice was a unique writer, repeatedly a world bestseller, but always subject to emotional swings associated with her spirituality and with a notable impact of that transcendental search on part of her work. Because in her busy life, with different stages in and out of religion, Rice left...

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4 best vampire books

Vampire novels

Bram Stoker can be considered to be the father of the vampire genre. But the truth is that his transmutation of the already existing Count Dracula as the origin of his masterpiece distorts that authorship. In the end, it can then be thought that it was Dracula himself who indirectly used Stoker to ...

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Blood rules, of Stephen King

Blood rules

The thing of packing four short novels under the same creative umbrella already goes from old in a Stephen King that in the absence of more stories with which to cover his time gained to the fourth dimension or the devil himself, he manages as best he can with his overwhelmed imagination. I say what ...

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The Sixth Trap, by JD Barker

The sixth trap

Today's horror genre finds its most efficient preacher in JD Barker. Because under the first appearance of black genre, we end up discovering in the trilogy that closes with this sixth trap a volume made an investigative thriller in which the investigated is the devil himself. Because …

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The signal, by Maxime Chattam

The signal, by Máxime Chattam

For a long time Maxime Chattam had been giving a good account of his narrative capacity in a dark literature that epitomized the paranomal and the thriller. And as the thriller was given more prominence, it was also drawing more and more the attention of so many readers who find in it ...

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The Other, by Thomas Tryon

The Other, by Thomas Tryon

Back in 1971 this original novel came out. A story of psychological terror that can be considered a reference for all those great authors and their great works of this genre that were lavished back in the 80's with Stephen King to the head. It is not that terror as a literary argument ...

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The Devil Forced Me, by FG ​​Haghenbeck


There are novels whose title and even their cover remind me of what those of us who visited the video stores of the 80s found in search of an action movie. At times it seemed that the covers and titles had to synthesize everything in an image and a simple title but ...

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