Qiu Xiaolong's Top 3 Books

Books by Qiu Xiaolong

Writing crime novels sometimes means having a strong social conscience. Because noir has its side of social criticism. I am referring perhaps even more to the noir genre that in Spain Vázquez Montalbán or González Ledesma could represent. Only luckily Spain is not China. Because good old Qiu...

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The 3 best books by Jesús Valero

Books by Jesus Valero

When the mystery introduces us to a historical imaginary, the myths, legends or even the most atavistic notions of the human shake us into an anxiety that transcends the literary. With a shallow reflection of made-in thrillers Javier Sierra or Julia Navarro, and with an ambition that borders on...

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The 3 best books by Elvira Roca Barea

Books by Elvira Roca Barea

The turning point towards Elvira Roca's success as an author took place in 2016 with her work "Imperiophobia and Black Legend: Rome, Russia, the United States and the Spanish Empire." But to get there, with that clairvoyance developed from his incisive and simple prose, there was a lot of work ...

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The 3 best books by Justo Navarro

Books by Justo Navarro

In Justo Navarro we enjoy a veteran of Spanish letters who is not given to any specific genre. Because the one who puts the genuine first, be it formal avant-garde or deep introspection, ends up writing when the most authentic need to start writing bids with that no...

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Brendan Fraser's top 3 movies

Brendan Fraser Films

The Oscar for best male performance 2023 went to an actor like Brendan Fraser who shows that of the two masks, of comedy and tragedy as the same thing. Something about which a certain Jim Carrey also knows, whose comic overactings end up bordering on that…

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Keigo Higashino's Top 3 Books

Keigo Higashino Books

Deep down, every Japanese writer, from Kenzaburo Oe to Murakami or Ishiguro offers us a point of view with reflections of science fiction, even if it is from the merely exotic of a moral and a sociological notion that has not yet finished being devoured by the Western world. About the Higashino...

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Top 3 Harry Sidebottom Books

Books by Harry Sidebottom

Next to the table of the great novelists of ancient Rome: Posteguillo, Scarrow and Kane. And at least on a par with his compatriot Lindsey Davis, the Englishman Harry Sidebottom brings new energy to the already abundant repertoire of narratives from that ancient world not so far from the...

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You Should Have Gone By Daniel Kehlmann

You should have gone, Daniel Kehlmann

The suspense, that thriller with a diversity of arguments, constantly adjusts to new patterns. Lately, the domestic thriller seems to be championing that of presenting disturbing stories, never better than from the epicenter of the familiar to offer doubts about those closest to us. But certain patterns are always maintained. Because …

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Won Pyung Sohn's best books

Books by Won Pyung Sohn

The Korean Sohn (abbreviating so as not to cause sudden dyslexia) is an expert in the most radical narrative. Not because of her extremes in the argument, but because of her brilliant commitment to the most etymological of the indicated term "radical", that is, the root of our being. Emotions back and forth, reaching...

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Edurne Portela's 3 best books

Edurne Portela books

From the essay to the novel. Perhaps Edurne Portela began to trace her literary career in an atypical way, first approaching works of thought and finally displaying all her creative imprint in fiction. But in this of literature it is not that there are fixed guidelines, in any case customs and ...

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The 3 best books by Joseph Mitchell

Books by Joseph Mitchell

There was a time when journalistic chroniclers wrote reality literature. Beyond offering critical thinking, guys like Joseph Mitchell or even Hemingway or Faulkner became essential writers who transmuted between realistic narratives, with which to fill columns towards the everyday epic, or...

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3 best books by Pablo Rivero

Books by Pablo Rivero

There are characters on TV that sometimes do not quite enter you. That used to happen to me with Toni from Cuéntame. Until one day I went to the theater and Pablo Rivero was there. In order not to lie, I will say that I do not remember the work but that was the moment of inflection ...

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