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The year was 2005 and having a place to fertilize the Internet was a technical marvel. In those days this blog was born. The idea was to make it a public repository for my stories. But in the end it ended up being a space to talk about many other books... and then movies, and later music.

A fundamental milestone for the blog was that Thursday, October 7, 2021. Because that night was selected as the best literary blog in spanish speaking. And as is often the case with almost everything, recognition is the time to broaden your vision, change direction or whatever.

That is why the creature grew to also accommodate those great films that were discovered and on which to give honest opinions and well-intentioned advice. Something that is given from the absolute subjectivity of tastes, of course.

I also hope to see the third part of the blog grow, for music lovers of all stripes. My musical recommendations They will take off little by little.

In this adventure I have friends who help me with their recommendations. And sometimes I even let them expand with their own reviews and criticisms. It is always good to have help to offer content to readers who join us today from all over the world.

To be updated, I bring right here, to the home page, a grid with the latest entries that we are uploading to the blog with book recommendations and the most complete bibliographical reviews from a multitude of writers. Without forgetting to accommodate viewings of new or old films as well as cinematographic touches of actors and actresses who fascinate us with their performances.

Books and movies for everyone

Moving on from forms, if you want to contact me, you can write to me at

Juan Herranz

This here is me pulling posture at sunset. A few years have passed since that moment but I don't really want to change the photo, really. Disasters of the passage of time and other scoundrels ...

The point is that, as you immediately guess when you go through this blog, I write reviews and criticisms mainly of novels, but without clear discrimination. What I have not read has passed through the hands of good reading friends or a relative. And so between all of us we are composing this space for literary philias and phobias of the first magnitude.

Of course, taking advantage of the fact that the Pisuerga passes through Valladolid, I also talk about my books, to which I dedicate what little free time I have left. Since I can remember, and without knowing how to use precisely those drops of reason in something more "profitable", I make my own forays as a novel writer and sometimes also write research books.

And that, anything you want to tell me, you can tell me in

For the rest, if you insist on reading, I will take the opportunity to introduce myself more thoroughly:

I was born in Zaragoza on June 14, 1975, at the same time that Real Zaragoza scored a goal against Barça in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. From the hospital, next to Romareda, my father celebrated the goal and my birth. A great omen as a soccer player that was cut short given my poor ability with a ball between my feet. Perhaps that is why, after obtaining the University Diploma of Social Graduate, I focused on another hobby, writing, prolonging an old tendency to invent.

Since I published my first novel, back in 2001, I have been finding new stories to tell and the necessary time to sit down and write them. Nothing is forced, they arise spontaneously or someone transmits them to me and ends up convincing me. The process is generated in an unpredictable way, to be naturalized day by day between imagination and paper.

Thus, I am savoring the profession of writer in my own way. When I look back I see, between surprise and satisfaction, twelve books published behind my back: “The memory of the wolves","A second chance","Cassandra News","Age","From football to soccer","The Ejea fighters","Waiting for the angels", «El sueño del santo»,« Real Zaragoza 2.0 »« Lost legends »«Esas estrellas que llueven»And« The arms of my cross ». Motivation to keep writing as new ideas appear.

  • Novel "The memory of the wolves" Editorial Egido, 2001
  • Novel "A second chance" Mira editores, 2004
  • Volume: "Cassandra News" Editorial Espiral, Bilbao, June 2006
  • Book collaboration "Of what we were and will continue to be" Ejea 2002
  • Book contributor: "Saturnian Creatures" Aragonese Writers Association 2007
  • Dossier Editor "Young Creators, 2002" Ejea de los Caballeros
  • Editorial Board of the Regional Literary Magazine "Ágora"
  • Participation in the literary magazine "Saturnian Creatures" in its number 6 of 2008
  • Main editor of the memory book of SD Ejea. June 2008
  • Book: "The fighters of Ejea". june 2009
  • Novel: "Alter" Editorial Andrómeda - Fantastic World collection. March 2010
  • Novel: "Waiting for the angels" - Brosquils Editions. Jan 2011
  • Co-editor of María Luna's pictorial exhibition dossier: "Essential and Everyday"
    -Novel: «El sueño del santo»- Look Editors. 2013
    -Novela: «Real Zaragoza 2.0» - Mira Editores. 2014
    -Volume: "Lost Legends" - 2015
    -Novel: «Esas estrellas que llueven»- Look Editors. 2016 (second part of «El sueño del santo")
    -Novel: «The Arms of my Cross» - Amazon. 2016
  • 1st Prize Story Contest Fiftieth Anniversary Teachings Medium Cinco Villas 2002
  • 1st Prize Short story Contest Asociación Cultural Fayanás 2004
  • Finalist II international short story contest "The impatient reader" 2004
  • Finalist X Short Stories Contest "Juan Martín Sauras" 2005
  • Finalist in the International Coyllur-Science Fiction Competition 2005. Peru
  • Finalist I Abaco 2006 Short Story Contest
  • 1st Prize XI Contest of fantastic stories Gazteleku 2006
  • 2nd Prize Contest of stories Mining Museum of the Basque Country 2006
  • 1st Prize XVII Short Novel Contest "Young Calamonte 2007"
  • 4th Prize III Contest of stories "Villa de Cabra del Santo Cristo 2007"
  • Unique Special Mention, in the novel category, of the Andrómeda Awards 2007
  • 5th Prize IV Short Story Contest "Villa de Cabra del Santo Cristo 2008"
  • Second Finalist VI Briareo Short Story Contest. Cuenca 2008
  • Finalist I Contest "Cuentamontes" Elda 2008
  • Finalist Horror Novel Contest "Villa de Maracena" 2008
  • Finalist XII Gazteleku de Sestao Short Story Contest 2009 (…)
  • Shortlist Contest for Lawyers May-June 2010
  • Best literary blog in Spanish speaking 2021. 20Blogs Awards

Not all of them are here, but they make up a good sample. They, my books. If you're lucky, by clicking you'll be able to buy one. In other cases, no joke.

Taking advantage of my extensive experience in the world of literature, for some time now I have joined the exciting world of content writing. With the most basic guidelines on the idea to present, I can write personal texts for you, entries for your blog, or posts with which to climb positions in Internet search engines.

Content writing has its tricks. Words must do much more than join together to form sentences. One after another they must suggest, propose, motivate, captivate, even compose music and sing messages to the understanding of those who read them, like irresistible or evocative siren songs.

In the end, all writing does not stop being literature; with the intention of provoking feelings or transmitting ideas; with the will to convince or interest to disclose.

By writing you learn to write. After more than fifteen years of pressing letters and more letters, with twelve books behind me and already hundreds of completed and highly valued writing assignments, I can assure you that I know the process to transfer ideas and concepts from that literature, full of intention and transformative power, which slips into all good content writing.

Go ahead and tell me what you want me to tell your world. Allow me to find your best words.