The 3 best books by Alicia Giménez Bartlett

Books by Alicia Giménez Bartlett

Alicia Giménez Bartlett's work revolves around the character of Petra Delicado, at least since she emerged from her imagination in 1996 with the work Ritos de Muerte. With this character, the author incorporates women with full rights and absolute strength into the Spanish police genre. After …

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Gerard Butler's 3 best films

Gerard Butler movies

Since that mythical Leonidas made flesh and blood with touches of epic comics, Gerard Butler's move was to rise to film stardom with new roles that abounded in his heroic hook. Surely without becoming one of the front-line actors, but being recognized enough as...

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The 3 best books by the suggestive George Saunders

Books by George Saunders

In a time of character restrictions for all types of newsrooms, (thanks to social networks, but also to their lazy readers in search of headlines and little else) the story points to literary possibility of the first magnitude. And one of the most interesting writers of stories and stories...

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The 3 best books by the exceptional Luis Landero

Books by Luis Landero

Some nascent writers in adulthood would never have intuited that they were going to be writers long ago, when they had not yet written anything. A former Luis Landero, more creatively moved towards musical paths, envisioned a future far removed from literature. But just as happened with Saint Paul, always...

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The 3 best books of the short genius Maxim Osipov

Books by Maxim Osipov

Admiring Chekhov is easy. That's what it's like to give yourself over to a story capable of immortalizing you as an author after the first 10 minutes of reading. Story writers play that way, first impressions made into eternal gestures. As Chekhov's compatriot, Maxim Osipov seems to have learned, perhaps inherited,...

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The 3 best books by Andrea Camilleri

writer Andrea Camilleri

The Italian teacher Andrea Camilleri was one of those authors who filled thousands of pages thanks to the support of his readers around the world. It began to emerge in the 90s, a fact that demonstrates perseverance and vocational writing as the foundation for its vital longevity extended to ...

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The 3 best books of Jerónimo Tristante

Jerónimo Tristante's books

The literary evolution of Jerónimo Tristante offers us a rich bibliographical composition from the historical setting to the noir genre. A genre of the latter of the criminal in which he begins to emerge thanks to his abilities to awaken maximum tension already demonstrated in the mystery saga of ...

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The 3 best books by Agustina Bazterrica

Books by Agustina Bazterrica

In generational harmony with her compatriot Samanta Schweblin, Agustina Bazterrica's work is a suggestive narrative that can draw on countless resources and settings. The end always justifies the diversity of means, resources and discourses. Because in that wealth of alternatives ingenuity is demonstrated and the reader is pleasantly surprised...

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The 5 worst books you should never read

The most boring books in the world

In every literary space we find recommendations to find those novels, essays, stories and others that satisfy us as readers. Books by classic authors or current bestsellers. In many of these cases, the recommendations leave much to be desired and only replicate the official synopses. All for a few…

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Tom Hardy's 3 best movies

tom hardy movies

The transition from complementary actor to protagonist is not always easy. In fact, it doesn't always end up happening. Hence many actors complain that all films are shot by the same 5 or 6 actors. But in Tom Hardy's tenacity and his worth we can find it...

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The 3 best books by Florencia Etcheves

Florence Etcheves books

Noir literature with that brand of Argentine idiosyncrasy. Tension and depth in the outlining of the characters. Florencia Etcheves is a new voice from journalism that makes her crime novels authentic chronicles of despair, injustice and cruelty. In the same way as his compatriot and ...

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The 3 best books by Michael Connelly and more…


The best idea not to succumb to the phagocytic trend of the crime novel about the detective genre is to have a policeman as a solid character that passes through most of your novels. Come on, that's my impression in the case of good old Michael Connelly. Is not that …

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