The 3 best books to quit smoking

stop smoking books

Who writes is a relative success story in quitting smoking. In my favor I have to say that the 3 or 4 times that I have seriously stopped smoking (more than a year on each occasion) I have always managed it without any help other than that of a …

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The 3 best books by Rafael Santandreu

Rafael Santandreu's books

The books in search of that positive self always arouse misgivings even in those who subscribe this post. It seems that the reluctance comes from the interpretation of a book of this type as an intrusion into very own plots, or a surrender, an assumption of defeat ...

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Without fear, by Rafael Santandreu

Without fear, Santandreu

Our fears are also somatized, no doubt. Really everything is somatized, the good and the bad. And the road is an endless loop back and forth. Because of emotion we make internal physical sensation. And from that uncomfortable feeling that we generate ourselves, from fear, we can get to ...

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Breathe by James Nestor

Breathe by James Nestor

It seems that we are always waiting for someone to shake us hard in consciousness to say: Damn, he may be right! And curiously, the most notorious reason, the most incontestable truth is the one that is manifested to us with the clarity of the obvious. James Nestor has taken it ...

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Your motivational book. Renew with total confidence

Book Renew yourself with total confidence

The crux of the matter would be that each one had the attitude as one who chooses clothes every morning (or the day before in the case of the most foresighted and controlling of their time). But it is precisely a kind of labyrinths and internal twists and turns that lead to ...

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The best self help books

Self-help books

Since reading Allen Carr's famous book on smoking cessation, my belief in the usefulness of self-help books has drastically changed for the better. It is only about finding that book that provides that noséqué of suggestion among a multitude of arguments arrived from the example ...

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When The End Is Near, by Kathryn Mannix


Death is the source of all those contradictions that lead us through our existence. How to give consistency or find coherence to the foundation of life if our conclusion is to perish like the bad ending of a movie? That's where faith, beliefs and whatnot come in, but still the ...

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The Dancer from Auschwitz, by Edith Eger


I don't usually like self-help books very much. Today's so-called gurus sound like charlatans of yesteryear to me. But ... (making exceptions is always good to avoid falling into the single thought), some self-help books through their own example, can always be interesting. Then comes the process of ...

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The Garden of Your Heart, by Walter Dresel


It has always been said that the surest path to happiness is one that passes through self-knowledge. Only, let's not fool ourselves, on many occasions we are faced with a self that does not finish taking off the mask of conventions, customs, tendencies and everything that tends towards ...

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