The 3 best books of Amélie Nothomb

Books by Amèlie Nothomb

With a somewhat eccentric appearance, around which she has built a powerful image of the creative and resourceful writer that she certainly is, Amélie Nothomb he is dedicated to literature with great diversifying power in the subject matter. A variety of resources immersed in a formal aesthetic that ...

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better title than this? Something light, light, sibilantly pretentious. Before dying, yes, better the fewer hours beforehand to listen to it. That's when you will take your list of essential books and cross out Belén Esteban's best-seller, the one that closes the reading circle of your life... (it was a joke, a macabre one...

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The Perfections, by Vincenzo Latronico

Latronico perfections

Among the most enervating trends in our world today, the idea of ​​the fullest self-realization stands out as a compendium between the work, the existential, the spiritual seasoned with permanent happiness. Marketing things that reach everything, even the deepest perception of life. Today's new generations...

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Everything is going to get better Almudena Grandes

Everything is going to get better, Almudena Grandes

Draw on uchronies or dystopias to provide a sociological vision. A very common resource in literature. From Aldous Huxley to George Orwell, as the most recognized references of a XNUMXth century that pointed precisely to a world peeking out at another type of dictatorship, buried beyond what is strictly political. …

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Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

Novel Grand Hotel Europe

In this matter of hotels as refuges from reality from the deepest estrangement from the comfortable that never makes a home, I always remember Oscar Sipán's guide to invented hotels. Hotel rooms where characters who hardly have time to occupy that space and whose ghosts …

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The Third Paradise, by Cristian Alarcón

The Third Paradise, by Cristian Alarcón

Life not only passes as frames shortly before the veil of the shocking final light (if something like that really happens, beyond famous speculations about the moment of death). In fact, our film assails us at the most unexpected moments. It can happen behind the wheel to draw us …

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In Lake Success, by Gary Shteyngart

Novel In Lake Success

It could be that Ignatius Reilly was an ad hoc incarnation of Don Quixote. At least in his notion of the madman stuck in the scene of the fight against windmills made giant by the overflowing imagination. And without a doubt Barry Cohen, the protagonist of this story by Gary Shteyngart, has a lot…

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The book of all loves, by Agustín Fernández Mallo

The book of all loves

Literature has a chance to save us. It is no longer a question of thinking about libraries where our children's children can consult the thought, science and knowledge deposited in books as a patent of an inevitable involution. We know that nothing will be left sooner than later. That's why the ...

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The dance and the fire, by Daniel Saldaña

The dance and the fire

Reunions can be as bitter as second chances in love. Old friends strive to regain a space that no longer exists to do things that no longer belong. Not for anything in particular, just because deep down they do not satisfy, but simply seek ...

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A ridiculous story, by Luis Landero

A ridiculous story, by Landero

The account of every capitalized love story, whether current or remote, may not differ so much in its romantic aspect. Because a romantic novel of the transcendent, as I say nothing to do with the pink genre, tells us about feelings impossible to culminate due to social condition, because ...

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