A world without men, by Sandra Newman

A world without men, by Sandra Newman

From Margaret Atwood with her sinister Handmaid's Tale to Stephen King in his Sleeping Beauties made chrysalis in a world apart. Just two examples to shore up a science fiction genre that turns feminism on its head to approach it from a disturbing perspective. In this …

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The Employees, by Olga Ravn

The Employees, Olga Ravn

We traveled very far to undertake a task of absolute introspection made in Olga Ravn. Paradoxes that only science fiction can assume with possibilities of narrative transcendence. Since the estrangement of a spaceship, moved through the cosmos under some icy symphony born of the very big bang, we know some...

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Constance by Matthew Fitzsimmons

Constance de Fitzsimmons

Every author who ventures into science fiction, including the menda (see my book Alter), on some occasion considers the issue of cloning because of its double component between the scientific and the moral. Dolly the sheep as the supposed first clone of a mammal is already very …

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Second Youth, by Juan Venegas

second youth novel

Time travel freaks me out as an argument. Because it is a full science fiction starting point that often turns into something else. The impossible longing to transcend time, the nostalgia of what we were and the remorse for wrong decisions. Is …

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Do not miss the best science fiction books

The best science fiction books

It will not be an easy task to choose the best of a genre as extensive as science fiction literature. But deciding better or worse is always a subjective fact. Because we already know that even flies have their essential eschatological tastes. The best …

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3 best Ian McDonald books

writer Ian McDonald

The science fiction writers most dedicated to the cause always end up approaching the stellar as a recurring scenario that hooks us all due to its unknown nature. Even more so considering a world of ours about which we already know "almost everything." This is the case of Ian McDonald as well as ...

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3 best books by James Graham Ballard

JG Ballard Books

Halfway between Jules Verne and Kim Stanley Robinson, we find this English writer who epitomizes the imaginative alternative to our world of the first cited genius and the dystopian intention of the current second writer. Because to read Ballard is to enjoy a proposal with the aroma of the fantastic nineteenth century but ...

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Top 3 Kim Stanley Robinson Books


Science Fiction (yes, with capital letters) is a genre associated by laymen with a kind of fanciful subgenre with no more value than mere entertainment. With the only example of the author that I bring here today, Kim Stanley Robinson, it would be worth to demolish all those vague impressions about ...

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Bewilderment, by Richard Powers

Novel Bewilderment, Richard Powers

The world is out of tune and hence the confusion (sorry for the joke). Dystopia is approaching because utopia was always too far away for a civilization like ours that increases exponentially in number as common identity decreases. Individualism is innate to being. ...

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3 best Robin Cook books

Robin Cook books

Robin Cook is one of those Science Fiction authors brought directly from the field of medicine. No one better than him to hypothesize about diverse futures about the human being, with the knowledge of genetics as that fertile space for assumptions of all colors. Not counting the possible...

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A Boy and His Dog at World's End, by CA Fletcher

Novel "A boy and his dog at the end of the world"

Post-apocalyptic fictions always pose a double aspect of possible total destruction and hope for rebirth. In this case, Fletcher also pulls the typical sketches that clarify how it got to that strange point where the survivors are in charge of rebuilding their world ...

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3 best Aldous Huxley books

Aldous Huxley Books

There are authors who hide behind their best works. This is the case of Aldous Huxley. A happy world, published in 1932 but with a timeless character, is that masterpiece that every reader recognizes and values. A very transcendental science fiction novel that delves into the social and the political, in ...

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