The 3 best books by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa

Books by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa

For me, Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa was one of those authors of transition in youth. In the sense that I read him avidly as a great author of exciting adventures, while he prepared me to make the leap towards more thoughtful readings and more complex authors. He would say more. Surely in the apparent thematic lightness of it...

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The site, by Luis Montero Manglano

The site, by Luis Montero

Who said the adventure genre was dead? It was just a matter of an author like Luis Montero approaching it with his particular touch of suspense so that we could all rethink that there is little left to discover in this world and what to venture towards. There are always …

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La Costa de las Piedras, a novel of adventures in Mallorca

The Coast of Stones, by Alejandro Bosch

An adventure novel that comes to us under the pseudonym of Alejandro Bosch, perhaps to end up rounding off that point of mystery that floods the plot. Because the story takes off from its magnetic component of any adventure based on a historical enigma. Presented for the occasion in rich hues with…

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The 3 best adventure books

Recommended Adventure Books

The origins of literature are based on the adventure genre. Those today recognized as the greatest works of universal literature take us on a journey to delve into a thousand dangers and unsuspected discoveries. From Ulysses to Dante or Don Quixote. And yet, today the adventure genre…

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The 3 best books by Clive Cussler

Clive Clusser Books

If there is a current adventure writer who still holds the adventure genre within the bestsellers, it is Clive Cussler. Like a modern Jules Verne, this author has led us through fascinating plots with adventure and mystery as backbones. The truth …

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The great yellow catastrophe, by JJ Benítez

The great yellow catastrophe

Few authors in the world do the job of writing a magical space as JJ Benítez does. A place inhabited by writer and readers where reality and fiction share accessible rooms with the keys to each new book. Between the magic and the marketing, between the disconcerting and ...

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The hidden language of books, by Alfonso del Río

The hidden language of books

I remember Ruiz Zafón. It happens to me whenever I discover a novel that points to the esoteric aspect of books, to hidden languages, to that aroma of wisdom gathered on endless shelves, perhaps in new cemeteries of books ... And it is good that it be so. The vast imagination of the Catalan writer ...

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Mengele Zoo by Gert Nygardshaug

Novel Mengele Zoo

It is always a good time to learn some idiomatic curiosity such as "Mengele Zoo", a phrase made in Brazilian Portuguese that points to the chaos of anything, with the sinister connotation of the insane doctor who ended his days in retirement precisely in Brazil. Between black humor and crude assumption of ...

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Vozdevieja, by Elisa Victoria

Old voice

Who doesn't remember Elvira Lindo's Manolito Gafotas? It is not that it is a matter of cyclically becoming fashionable about child protagonists in novels for all audiences. It is a question rather that both Elvira and Now Elisa, with their proximity ...

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Far away, by Hernán Díaz

In the distance

It is always good to meet daring authors, capable of taking on the task of telling different stories, far beyond the hackneyed labels such as "disruptive" or "innovative." Hernán Díaz presents this novel with the undeniable freshness of someone who writes something just because, with a transgressive intention in substance and form, magically tuning in ...

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Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens is one of the best English novelists of all time. It was during the Victorian era (1837 - 1901), the time in which Dickens lived and wrote, that the novel became the main literary genre. Dickens was the quintessential teacher of social criticism, on ...

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The Dirty Low River, by David Trueba

The Dirty Low River, by David Trueba

David Trueba's bibliography already matches his filmography. And that in the cinema he has been both in front of and behind the cameras on very different occasions. A matter of knowing how to do. If this author is able to arrive with his stories in various formats and from very ...

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