The 3 best books by the Lars Kepler tandem

Lars Kepler books

Under the pseudonym Lars Kepler we find one of the most acclaimed literary tandems of recent times. We are talking about the not only literary marriage of Alexander and Alexandra, Swedes to be exact. Everyone will do their part so that this combination of suspense towards total thriller ends up standing out...

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The 3 best books by the brilliant Rosa Regàs

Rosa Regás's books

Among the most recognized Spanish writers, Rosa Regàs always stood out for her constant evolution, a kind of assumption of the work of a writer as a true long-distance race in which one always has to re-learn to run, adapting to the times and embarking on new ones. currents, without abandoning the seal…

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The 3 best books by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks books

Based on certain aspects of the biography of the character in question, you can know when success is deserved in an inexcusable, natural way, conquering readers through good novels or, at least, to the taste of many potential readers. That is the case of Nicholas Sparks, from the financial sector,…

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The 3 best books by John Grisham, legal thriller

John Grisham Books

Presumably, when John Grisham began practicing law, the last thing he thought of was translating into fiction so many cases in which he would have to struggle to make a name for himself among the robes of the United States. However, today the legal profession ...

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The 3 best books by Anne Michaels

Books by Anne Michaels

Having recently published my new novel, after 8 years without having anything to say, I remember an Anne Michaels. And without wanting to compare myself with this monster of literature, I do want to highlight that coincidence of the reason for writing. One writes, above all, when one has something to tell. …

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The 3 best books of Javier Castillo

Books of Javier Castillo

A few names occupy the space of editorial phenomena in Spain in recent years, in my opinion specifically four, two men and two women: Dolores Redondo, Javier Castillo, Eva García Sáenz and Víctor del Árbol. In this quadrant of good work and the consequent absolute success (except for the narrative ...

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The 3 best books by Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood books

The last thing I could think of a neuroscientist is that she was going to dedicate herself to the romantic genre. Although if we think about it, there is no one better than someone who knows brain chemistry to write about love affairs and heartbreaks. A good friend insisted that she had to bring Ali…

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The 3 best books by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane Books

American Dennis Lehane is a writer with a screenwriting vocation. In fact, he alternates his taste for the novel with the scripting of series or even makes his first steps in the theater. What ends up happening in these cases is that the writer ends up scripting his novels and the screenwriter ...

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Top 3 TJ Klune Books

Books by T.J. Klune

With a swipe to Albert Espinosa, only more fanciful and disguised as a naïve writer, that of the American narrator TJ Klune is that search for a transformative literature from the allegorical. Always with a dose of humor that springs from inconceivable aspects that Klune knows how to bring to the plot with the…

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The 3 best books by Patrick Modiano

Books by Patrick Modiano

Patrick Modiano was born in 1945, a few months after the end of World War II. He could hardly perceive the direct effects of the war, and yet his interest in family experiences and events marked a large part of his work. In that great conflict, the victims of the population ...

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The 3 best books by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez


If in American literature we find the corrosive Charles Bukowski As the most recognized exponent of dirty realism, it is also worth noting that the reply with the greatest intensity in Spanish is found in the Cuban Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, and that in turn leads to interesting cases such as that of the Spanish Tomás ...

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The 3 best books by the wonderful Joël Dicker

Books by Joel Dicker

Come, vidi, vici. There is no better phrase to coin what happened to Joël Dicker in his overwhelming irruption on the world literary scene. You could think of that marketing product that pays off. But those of us who are used to reading books of all kinds recognize that this young author ...

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