The 3 best basketball books

Basketball Books

Here a server was one of those who, as a child, stayed up late to watch NBA games commented on by Ramón Trecet. Those were the days of Michael Jordan, of Magic Johnson, of Stockton and the postman Malon, of the bad boys of Philadelphia, of Dennis Rodman and their extravagances, of the…

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Top 5 soccer books

Football novels

I have already said more than once that my thing was never to kick the ball, at least not with the minimum of grace. And yet, around the age of 10 or 11, I discovered that football and literature could also have a meeting place. ...

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Air. The Michael Jordan Story by David Halberstam

Air. The Michael Jordan Story

With Netflix's "tribute" to the one who was and is still the most mediatic athlete in the world, Michael Jordan, one who was his childhood admirer (with the entanglement of myths during childhood) discovers that the passage of time is merciless especially with memories. Sensations ...

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Under the hoop, by Pau Gasol


There was a time when I swallowed all the NBA games that Ramón Trecet broadcast on Saturday nights for TVE. Maybe there were not even private chains yet ... And then to think that some Spaniard would get to wear the champion ring sounded like a joke ...

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A Natural Talent, by Ross Raisin

It is never good to attend to the desires of others for yourself. When you risk succumbing to the dangerous temptation of pretending to be what others expect you to be, over and above who you really are or need, you face danger. The example of ...

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False Nine, by Philip Kerr


In soccer slang there are still suggestive terms between the tiredness of the hackneyed and the kick to the dictionary. If we analyze the term "false nine", beyond its meaning at grass level, we find an unparalleled dichotomy in the literary and even in the philosophical. Abstracted from any ...

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How We Got to the Wembley Final, by Joseph Lloyd Carr


The epic of sport par excellence is one that presents us with little David about to bring down a pretentious Goliath. Contrary to what usually happens in reality, competitive sports such as soccer are very given to these crazy odds that bring the little one closer to ...

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Goodbye, Vicente Calderón, by Patricia Cazón


Let's be realistic. If there is a mythical club par excellence in Spain, that is Atlético de Madrid. The myth is forged from victories against adversity and from hell after disastrous falls. This is the only way to achieve glory and what comes with it: the myth. ...

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Captains, by Sam Walker


There is no doubt that numbers and statistics are the starting point to weigh the best sports teams in each discipline. The best in each sport are a statistic at the mercy of human performance. And precisely that group human performance is the trigger for everything to achieve ...

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Win or Learn, by John Kavanagh


It can be lost, but immediately the concept must be turned to internalize and translate that shadow of defeat as learning. Undoubtedly a very successful title for a fighting book, but certainly extrapolated to any other field. My link with wrestling as a sport was born from a book ...

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