Ready player two by Ernest Cline

Ready Player Two Book

Her good years would have passed from the release of the first part "Ready player One" until the Midas king of cinema, Spielberg took her to the cinema in 2018. The thing is that all this served so that the universe created by Ernest Cline will take off a lot beyond the …

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3 best Ernest Cline books

Ernest Cline Books

The best thing about Science Fiction is that in it we can find readings of all kinds. From cutting plots to philosophical in the case of dystopias, uchronies or post-apocalyptic proposals, to Space Operas that take us to new worlds, passing through an imaginary like that of Ernest Cline with ...

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Ready player one by Ernest Cline


In the current state of the seventh art, devoted to special effects and action stories, stocking up on arguments from good science fiction books at least compensates for the dangerous transition from cinema as a mere visual spectacle. Steven Spielberg is aware of all this, and he has managed to find ...

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