Heaven Above the Roof, by Nathacha Appanah

Who else who least released a tear with Marco's adventures in search of his mother. This time the age of the protagonist, Lobo, would bring him closer to a Holden Caulfield (yes, the famous nihilistic teenager from salinger). And the thing is that the figure of the mother is also turned upside down to become a sister that Lobo misses. Be that as it may, Lobo, the main character, makes the most drastic decision possible to pull the fraternal thread that gives more meaning to his passing through this world.

We know that the path taken by Lobo is just. And we might even think of doing the same as him. But on the other side is the world determined that the encounters do not happen, with the recalcitrant determination of the rules and the circumstances that can transform a Marco into a Holden Caulfield.

From time to time we are dotted with small great novels, realistic or allegorical, that compress in their concise pagination aspects that are increasingly forgotten of rabid humanity. From The Little Prince but also The boy in striped pajamas or this new story. A small respite, a relief from the other prose that inhabits the real world.

Lobo is seventeen years old and is being transferred in a police van to a penitentiary for minors for having caused a traffic accident: he took his mother's car and drove for hours without a license to meet Paloma, his older sister, to the one you haven't seen for more than ten years. As he approached his destination, Lobo became nervous, drove down a street in the opposite direction and collided with another car, injuring two people.

The emotional account of this reunion project gives rise to rewriting the entire family history, the traumas that have passed from one generation to another and, finally, the possibility of redemption and love.

You can now buy the novel "Heaven on the Roof", by Nathacha Appanah, here:

Heaven over the Roof, by Natacha Appanah
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