Vozdevieja, by Elisa Victoria

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Who does not remember Manolito Gafotas from Elvira Lindo? It is not that it is a matter of cyclically becoming fashionable about children's protagonists in novels for all audiences.

It is rather a question that both Elvira and Now Elisa, with their cacophonic proximity in the names, find that child who mimics with all of us from the most accurate humor, naivety and a vision of the world «princely»That collides again and again against the wall of the most stubborn reality to awaken that hilarity that also involves attitudes of slight disenchantment with adult readers rapt by nostalgia.

In the past they were the Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn u Oliver Twist. Here and now is a girl named Marina who will lead us through the adventure of life seen from a childhood that connects with the idea that we are all children of candles pushed by the vigorous blows of time. But children at the end of the day eager to sometimes take tailwinds to reposition ourselves at the helm on those already ghost ships.

He is nine years old. Her name is Marina, but at school they call her Vozdevieja. This summer in Seville, the first after the 92 Expo, is so long and so dry that she doesn't know whether to cry or laugh. If you want everything to change or everything to stay the same. Because she still plays with Chabel dolls but she already looks at adult magazines.

Because her mother is ill and she already imagines herself in a convent surrounded by little orphans. Because everyone, including his father, insists on disappearing. Because her best friend is her grandmother, who cooks her, combs her hair, lets her nails cut like scorpions, tells her about her love for Felipe González, says quietly, shows her new heels, sews flower dresses for her.

Then he goes out and those dresses bother him as much as if they were made of sandpaper. And yet Marina is always hungry: for life, and for breaded steaks. A unique, tender, lyrical and hilarious voice. A first novel as unforgettable as the first time something important happens to you.

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